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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Feb 17, 2017

After a relaxing drive through some of Indy’s southern, country roads, Jordan and Dougie Fresh found themselves in Bargersville at the doors of The Taxman Brewing Company.

Although we are stoked to soon have a Taxman tap house in Fortville, Indiana this summer, a little closer to our neck of the woods, a trip to the birthplace of Taxman is a must for fellow lovers of fine suds.

We toured the production facility before setting up shop on the 2nd floor of their spacious, country-esque tap house and restaurant with our Taxman guides, Chief Production Officer, Colin McCloy and the Head Brewer and manager, David Yancey. Loving everything we’ve had from Taxman before the visit, we were determined to find one brew we could turn our nose up to say, “Meh, It’s alright”.  But damn it… these guys are just too damn good.   We just found more Taxman beer we now love. But love is a good thing, right?  Their Belgian inspired beers are complex yet easy on the palate and they all have rich, almost mesmerizing aromas.  Tune into tonight’s episode to hear just what is going on at Taxman, stories of inspiration, and a little history of how they came to be.   Not only serving some of the best craft beer in the state, they have a unique and delicious farm to table restaurant that you must treat yourself. 
Find out what's going on in 2017 at Taxman, their upcoming tap house opening this summer in Fortville, Indiana, and the day we are all patiently awaiting, Death and Taxes Day and the release of Evasion. 
Justin McIntosh of The Dump Buckets hops on in the 2nd half of the show to talk about his amazing artwork that was inspired by the great craft beer scene in Indy.  He gives some shout outs to some of our fellow craft beer supporters in town including Indy Beer Sleuth and Thespeakpodcast. 

A special mention in this week's show for Indy Pies & Pints which takes place next Friday night at the Ivy Tech Culinary Center.  All proceeds from the event will benefit Arts and Learning.