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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 10, 2017

What’s the perfect date night? A beer and movie of course; and now thanks to Flix Brewhouse you don’t have to sit at home on your dog hair infested couch and 50 inch TV with crappy sound. Flix Brewhouse offers some great on-site brewed beer as well as other top-notch local craft brews, comfortable seating, and the newest and biggest blockbusters on the big screen. And no need to worry about getting in and out of a packed restaurant only to quickly shovel down a meal and miss the first five minutes of the film. Flix is a one stop shop for all you need for the perfect date night. They don’t just focus on beer, the food is upscale dining at affordable prices. And the food is so good, you’ll make it a weekly destination for a great meal and beer to unwind and relax. We got buzzed and absolutely stuffed on this episode as we sat with head brewer, Chris Knott and General Manager, Ron Hahn. We learned all about the America’s only first-run Cinema Brewery and had a blast cutting it up with the fine people of Flix Brewhouse.