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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 17, 2017

BPC - Episode 93 - That Sweet Indiana Corn Whiskey

We've been raving about this whiskey since it first touched our lips, so it was a pleasure to be invited up to South Bend, Indiana and sit with owner and distiller, Charlie Florance, to talk whiskey. . . and drink whiskey!
Also joining the boys on this fabulous afternoon was the brewmaster of the Twisted Crew Brewing Company, Mr. Josh Lakins (don't try and pronounce last name...he spells it wrong).  Josh had recently won the Indiana Whiskey Company's Whiskey and Whiskers competition and was in town for the crowning.  Piggy, Dougy Fresh, came in as runner-up so it only made sense to make the day a celebration and get everyone together to eat, drink, and be merry. 
We can't say enough good things about Indiana Whiskey.  This Veteran owned and operated facility, specializing in small batch whiskey utilizes only those fine Indiana made and grown products, from the stills to the grains, this is Indiana. 
This quaint and cozy place just makes you feel at home.  The always warm greeting provided by manager and mixologist, Molly Kolecki, along with her killer cocktails will put you at ease keep you coming back for the Hoosier hospitality as well as this fantastic whiskey.  And we loved her even more when she put Cowboy to work about 10 minutes after arriving.  Pretty sure he ended up wearing more whiskey than he transferred, but he smelled wonderful the rest of the day.
Tune into this whiskey fueled episode to learn more about Indiana Whiskey and some of their upcoming events, such as their monthly Prohibition Comedy days that has brought in some of the funniest comics from the area as well as Chicago and Detroit.  And keep on the lookout for Part Two when we super charge our buzz with some treats brought up from Twisted Crew for another hour of laughs. 

Shout out on this episode include Danny Boy Beer Works which seems very appropriate on St. Patrick's Day today.