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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 24, 2017

Elvis, Johnny Cash, Car Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis. . . and yeah that's right, now the Pigs have recorded at the legendary Sun Records.
We had the sheer pleasure of sitting with Sun's engineer, Ples Hampton, to hear some of the amazing history behind this amazing recording studio and the birthplace of Rock and Roll. 
We were giddy and full of goosebumps from the moment we stepped into the studio.  Ples, whose father was a producer at Ardent Records for over forty years, is well connected to the Memphis music scene and its rich history from the early days before the term "rock and roll" was ever coined (which we do dig into in this episode) to today's artists still making their way through Memphis and Sun Records to lay down tracks. 
We couldn't have picked a better way to record at Sun.  Ples was nice enough to put some time aside for us before heading out the door to the premier of the new Sun Records show that was premiering on CMT that very evening.  And some great stories were told, including some secret nuggets, or happy accidents, that made it into some well known recordings. 
Tune into to hear about the humble beginning of Mr. Sam Phillips as well as the pioneering disc jockey, which without him Sam's artists may never have been heard, the one and only Dewey Phillips.