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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 16, 2022

The boys gather for an evening after the recent 18th Annual Kammy’s Kause for a few brews and talk a bit of live local music along with the usual ultra-intellectual banter and beer reviews. Fast Cadillac’s, Chris Baird, kicks off the night strong out of the gate with a 7%er from the blue lagoon, or something like that. Pop a top and tune in for the first half of this pork lovin’ episode and be sure to keep an ear out for the upcoming release of the special coverage from Kammy’s Kause 2022 festival with special guests including band members from Mank & Sass, Indyca, Audiodacity, and Kammy’s founder, Jared Hiner.  Cheers!

Shout out in tonight’s episode include: Kammy’s Kause, Mank & Sass, Saint Aubin, Audiodacity, and Primeval Brewing