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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

May 19, 2017

What a treat is was to be invited back once again to cover Indiana's Next Hop Model hosted by Indiana On Tap and Nuvo. 
Another solid evening of beautiful brews and brewery models. but Dan Gohr of Redemption Alewerks once again stole the show and kept hold of his crown. 
And hopefully all who made it were able to stop by the Redemption table and try some of our Blind Pig/Redemption collaboration brew, Sooey Saison. 
Tune in to this exiting hour of the Blind Pigs as we took time between beers to talk to some of the folks including:  Eric Fear and Mackenzie Schenk of Round Town Brewery(look for the upcoming show recently recorded at Round Town); the man, Sean Hopenstein Manahan of the Kopacetic Beer Factory; Wooden Bear Brewing Co.; WZPL's Nikki Reed, Colin McCloy of Taxman; Old man Jerry of The Bier Brewery; and Mr. Mathew Muncy from the Indiana On Tap Podcast who were also our recording neighbors for the evening. 
Lots of Shout outs including:  Josh Springer(or as Jordan refers to as, Chris...we still don't know why, but thank you, Mathew for calibrating him) of Bottoms Up Beer; Quaff On Brewing; Chilly Water Brewing Co.; Great Fermentations; Brian Graham of Four Day Ray Brewing; The Indiana Whiskey Co.; Metazoa Brewing Company; Evil Czech Brewing and Public House, Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House; Fiddler's Hearth; and Bare Hands Brewing(soon to be open in South Bend as well as Granger)