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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

In this episode the boys return to their roots and record a good old-fashioned home recorded show with lots of beer sampling and crude humor. Dougy Fresh, Paulie G and Jordan are joined by Security Griswold and the one and only Trey Deuce to discuss some good and not so good brews from Green Flash, Fat Heads, Volbier, Lagunitas, Bison Brewing, WarPigs and the infamous Evil Twin.   We learn some interesting facts about Paulie G’s Tongue, the effects of Blueberry on your throat, and even a touch of Jordan’s alter ego’s ancestry.   This is a fun, crude old school episode that should not be missed.   Tune in to reminisce about the old school days with the bad boys of blind pig confessions.


Shout Outs:  Green Flash, Fat Heads, BriarScratch, Taxman, Volbier, Lagunitas, George Dickel, 812 Farms, Bier Brewery, Bison Brewing, Alleys Alehouse, Evil Twin, Mob Craft, Chilly Water, and War Pigs