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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

May 18, 2018

Owner and operator of Tippy’s, Sheila Jimenez, invited the Pigs into her place once again for brews and laughs, this time fueled by some glorious craft beer from Founders Brewing Co. 

Sales Rep, Adam, Barry White, Lepper, brought the good time with a plethora of groovy brews including, Rubaeus, Solid Gold Premium Lager, All Day IPA, Green Zebra, and the luscious, limited release KBS.  Be sure to get Tippy’s before the kegs run dry!

The night was kicked off with a typical Dougy Fresh rant on Nirvana, DMB, and other horrible bands of the 90’s. 

Adam delivers some history and background of Founders and some of their most famous and loved beers, such as that Dirty Bastard.  We learn what was behind the shortly disappearing baby, and the story of Bob, inventor of the 15 pack. 

Grab your favorite Founders brew, kick back, and enjoy this week’s episode and be sure to get to Tippy’s for more beer, and of course, pizza.  Outdoor seating is now available and don’t miss May’s special, The Blind Pig Cheesy Pork and Brew. 

And keep your ears open for Part Two of the Founders Tap Takeover with the Pigs as some local home brewers join the round table for more brew ha ha’s.

Founders Brewing Co.

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  Founders Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki;  10-56 Brewing;  Flatwater Restaurant;  Twenty Tap; Kopacetic Beer Factory;  Laura Newman of INKsignia;  Tony Walters of Garage House Studios;  Eddie Renner, Suki Snickerdoodle, and  Haynze Whitmore of Crepitus;  UAW Black Lake Gold Club;  and Cavalier Distributing

And special thanks, as always, to 800lb Gorilla for the use of their tune Radboy which graciously takes us out of tonight’s episode.