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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jun 1, 2018

The pigs take on Westfield at the 3rd annual Rock the Junction (A beer fest that’s all about local charity) sponsored by none other than Grand Junction Brewing.  Jordan, Doug Fresh, Pauline G, and Tex Mex along with their security guard Griswold try beer from many breweries along with some special guest interviews from Grand Junction, Taxman, mad Anthony, Tin Man, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Four Day Ray and even Evan Williams himself.  Learn about the horrible prank played on Jordan by the Great Jonathon Mullens and the other pigs, Find the cure for erectile dysfunction, New beers, the Milf Stout and Stripper Dust, and much more on this long episode of Blind Pig Confessions. 

Shout-outs to:  FDR, Metazoa, MashCraft, Bier, Foam Blowers, Ash & Elm Cider Co., Broadripple Brew Pub, Jonathon Mullens, Redemption Alewerks, Brew Link, Moontown, Round Town, Mad Anthony, Tin Man, Taxman, Wooden Bear, Mind Over Mash, Deviate Brewing, Union Brewing, Pax Verum, Jan’s Village Pizza