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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 13, 2018

Lurking in the depths of the old Monon Hotel in Crawfordsville, Indiana is a very young, and new Pig favorite, high end craft brewery, Backstep Brewing Company.  A place already rich with history now has a new community hot spot to make some history of their own.   Walking into Backstep you immediately feel you’re at home.  Owners, Jimmie Boros and Patrick Pennington, wanted a place where everyone from all walks of life could come in and enjoy some great conversation to accompany their choice of high end craft beer and spirits.  The Pigs believe they nailed that objective.  A plethora of some of the finest craft beers the state (and surrounding states) has to offer as well as an impressive bourbon collection line the back wall of the gorgeous bar.   As you’ll hear on the show, they could have ridden on the success of the tap house alone. . .but brewing great beer was the dream that started it all and now they have it all put together.

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G., and Cowboy had the utmost pleasure to spend the afternoon with Mr. Boros and Head Brewer, Josh Miller to learn more about the planning, follow through, and future goals of the brewery.   The boys knew Josh from past endeavors but were more than pleased to see how Josh has flourished as the head brewer.  His wealth of knowledge and passion for the craft both come shining through each beer he makes.  

Tune into this week’s episode and then walk, drive, fly, bus, bike, however it is you travel, as soon as possible to Back Step Brewing in C-Ville.  

You can also sample some of their tasty brews at the upcoming Micro Brew Fest and Beers Across Wabash.  We’ll see you there! 

Shout outs on this week’s episode include:  Robert Rolfe Feddersen (and Honey Bee); Tailboarder Brewing; Round Town Brewing; Flix Brewhouse; Chris Burch; Noblesville Brew Fest; Ron Smith; and Brokerage Brewing Company


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