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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Oct 19, 2018

Kammy’s Kause Music Fest Part II

As always, an amazing time was had at the two day music festival dedicated to one very special little girl, Kammy.  From its humble beginnings 15 years ago to the unstoppable juggernaut now hosted at the Hoosier Racing Park and Casino, Kammy’s kause has raised over $400,000 for 4p- (also known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome).   If you haven’t been, this should be a must add to your next summer’s calendar.  You get to enjoy two days of incredible live music from some of the best artists in the area, high-end silent auctions, and lots of great activities for the kids. 

Tune in for Part II from Kammy’s Kause as the boys, with a little co-hosting help from the beautiful Sara Bishop, rap with Audiodacity after their kick-off, killer live performance.  Jared Hiner, the father and founder of this special annual event, explains more about 4p- and the enormous amount of love that is in the air each year during Kammy’s Kause.   And Kelly Zullo stops by after her live set and does a little impromptu picking to end another fun episode of Confessions.

We hope to see you all at Kammy’s Kause next summer but remember you can donate year round.  For more information and how you can be a part of search for a cure, go to

Shout outs in this week’s episode include:  The luscious and legendary Jamie Jackson of Sam Ash Music;  Ben Jarvis;  Twin Cats;  Josh Kaufman;  Jenn Cristy;  Chad Mills, and Chicago Loft Bed

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