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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

Brews O’ Plenty flowed freely on a recent trip to the young Guggman Haus Brewing Co. in Indianapolis.  The 1st morning of Sunday football and the Brickyard was spent priming at the young Guggman.  They are an overnight success story who went from brewing in their basement, to opening their doors this past May, to winning Gold medals for their brews at the Indiana Brewer’s Cup.  They came into the scene blazing hot and we could taste why they were a judge and crowd favorite.   
Tune in as owners and brewers, Derrick and Ryan, delight the Pigs with some delicious craft suds and talk about their humble beginnings to their already award winning brews.  They also jump on the Cowboy bandwagon for his plight to change the name of New England IPA’s.  
 Be sure to stop into this unique brewery in the city for a few pints and enjoy the outdoor seating and dog friendly atmosphere and make some new beer friends in Indy.
 Shout outs include:  Mashcraft;  Scarlet Lane Brewing Company;  Black Circle Brewing Co.;  The Dead Squirrels; Sugar Creek Malk Co.;  Bier Brewery;  and Backstep Brewing Company
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