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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

Some of the boys gather at the Jordan house to take a trip around the land of cheese and bars. Wisconsin has long been known to have some great beer history. We had beers from all over dairy land, from Milwaukee to Madison and even everyone’s favorite Wisconsin Brewery New Glarus. We then jump through St Louis and end back in Indy. Hunter, Jordan, Griswold take you on a wild ride and we are joined by very special guest Dr. Robert Miller Esquire. Take a listen to some great banter and beer reviews. Sit back relax and pass the Butterfly farts.

Shout-outs: Bier Brewery, Schlafly, New Madison Brewing Company, Milwaukee Brewing Company, Lakefront Brewing, Brenner Brewing Company, One Barrel, New Glarus Brewing Co.

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