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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

The boys of the Blind Pig Confessions are excited to do this special release show. We are back at Alley’s Alehouse on a very special night. The kick off to the 2018 Beer School Season, and Niko’s open stage on its new night immediately following beer school. Tex Mex, Jordan, and Griswold sit down to chat with Nick Wengler about his move to Thursdays and to get some inside information about the national act that is coming on stage. We are then joined by the lovely and Talented Mel, the manager of Alley’s and the Lead Vocalist of Red Remains. We get some more insight into what this beer school thing is all about and where we can find Red Remains. This year's beer school line up is INSANE 12 weeks of amazing brewery, beers, and of course Alley’s legendary Food and customer service. We also sit down with Fat Heads Brewery, Beer school regulars, Beer School Virgins and of course Matt Monta of the
Haymakers. We talk beer, music, food, and much more. Take a listen to the show and here the amazing lineup for Beer School.
We are extremely excited and proud to bring you a very special musical release. Matt Monta is allowing us the opportunity to help him release his new single “ I won’t be Scared”. We tease you at the start of the show and if you stay tuned immediately following the show you will get to hear his new single in its entirety. Here is what Matt himself had to say about this song: “As we're faced with mounting uncertainty, both individually and collectively, it's  important for us not to escape or tune out, but to move ahead with dignity and poise and without fear. That's what this song is about.
The track was performed by Matt Monta & the Haymakers with Savannah and Ron Freeman contributing backing vocals. Music and more can be found at”
Huge shout out to Matt Monta, Nick Wengler, Fat Heads, and Alleys Alehouse for allowing us this amazing opportunity. Cheers!!!

Additional Shout Outs to: Evil Czech, Bier, FDR, Sweet Water Brewery, Sam Adams, Two Deep, 3 Wise men, Victory Brewing, New Belgium, Sun King, New Day, Center pointe, Quaff on, Scarlett Lane, Haymakers, Nikos Open Stage, Indy In-Tune, Studio Live Indy