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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

May 27, 2016

A dark cloud hung low over Alley's Alehouse as two forces came to clash on the Pigs homestead.  As Indiana's historic Arni's and the new blood of Evil Czech Brewery met for the first time, the air loomed with dreaded anticipation for what might come.  
But alas, the evening talks began and the clouds quickly dissipated as this turned into a meeting of new friends, good brews, and lots of laughter.  
Megan Keevil Frank tells us the roots of Arni's Restaurant and their famous pizza and Jeremy Nicely explains the birth and quick and successful growth of Evil Czech Brewery and Public House.  We review and rejoice about Evil's highly sought after, Clayton Bigsby, the deceptively delicious white stout, and we learn about the upcoming event, not to be missed, the New Menu Preview and Beer Pairing hosted by Arni's. Jeremy will be bringing some of Evil's finest brews to pair with Arni's fantastically tasty new menu items and the Pigs will be onsite to partake of the feast and record live from the event.
Due to all the fun we were having, this turned into a two part series.  So relax and tune into Part One of Evil Arni's, be sure to get to Alley's to try the Evil on tap, and then meet us at Arni's on June 7th for great night of fun, food, and craft brews.