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Blind Pig Confessions's Podcast

Jul 7, 2017

This is a special Xmas in July,  Balls Out, episode not for those with sensitive ears.  
The Explicit” light went on early in this one. . . and never went out.  
What happens when WWE’s Kevin Thorn stops by to have a few brews with the Pigs at Alley’s Alehouse?  Lots of fun and chaos!   The show got so out of hand, it took over 11 months to edit and release with an NC17 rating, but it was too good and the boys had too much fun on this one to not let it out.  
Joining us for the evening(although he may wished he was not there) was the tenderloin, Chris Clark. 
No way to break this one down.  Although he’s known to most the world as Kevin Thorn or Mordecai, we are privileged to know the man behind the tights, our friend, Kevin Fertig.  And Kevin goes deep and tells all in this one.  From his love of spandex, wrestling woes(and where fingers sometimes go), to an odd one on one in politics with Dougy Fresh.  But we also get the softer side to this friendly giant as we learn his number one focus in life, family.  (Which is about the only sweet thing to happen in this episode.)
They get a bit personal and divulge what they are all wearing underneath, Jordan once again claims his love of the Dickel, and then they explore things they never thought they would . . . or should.
 But through all the weirdness, they do talk beer and whiskey as they enjoy some Romantic Chemistry from Dogfish Head Brewery, Tiberius from Scarlet Lane, and a shot of Few Bourbon.
An all adult show for certain, but an all around entertaining night they can’t wait to do again. . . next time in the privacy of Kevin’s private bar where they can really cut loose.  
Shout outs in this episode include:  Eddy’s Sports Pub, Douglas Sheets, PBR, Duluth Trading Company, and George Dickel